Happy New Year!!

Every year, rather than making a resolution, I sit down and write an intention and title for the year to come.

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Comforting the Ego

"What an extraordinary thing the 'ego' is. We should take time each day to consider our ego. It is capable of tremendous things and should not go unattended to."

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Be Kind to Yourself

We have various emotional stages throughout the day but how often do we really consider them? How often do you take the time to examine what you're feeling and identify the triggers you face throughout the day that affect you negatively?

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The Real Trick

Before you even step outside to begin dating, there is one true trick to tell if you're ready for 'the one'. It's been talked about but most don't want to confront it because then they'll have to admit to themselves that their really not ready for what they're looking for. Of course, this trick is… Continue reading The Real Trick

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Stop Hiding Your Crazy

Let's be honest here, if you're looking for love, companionship, long term commitment, then dating really sucks. Every venture has the opportunity to leave you lonelier than the last. You clean yourself up all shiny and bright for a date in hopes that this time something will click and then you will fade into a… Continue reading Stop Hiding Your Crazy