I am an Arizona native and have lived all over this state, with a two year stint in NYC. As my childhood hero, Ariel, sang, “I wanna be where the people are!” so I tend to gravitate toward the city  life. On a typical day off, you can find me snugged up with my husband and dogs or out on the water paddling away on my kayak. Balance is really important to me, so I try to take each day as it comes and not let my ‘planner mentality’ get the best of me.

     In my spare time, I generally prefer solitary activities such as writing, painting, playing Toy Blast on my phone… but my love of humans always gets me out of the house for dinner dates or game nights with friends and family.

Professionally, I fancy myself a multi-faceted gal, with many hats to adorn depending on the situation. Yet, overall, when you get down to it, I just want to help create, and be a part of, the highest good for everyone around me. My passion is in the heart of others and I find no greater joy than taking part in the discovery and growth of fellow humans. I am an advocate for anyone who is searching for, and striving to become, their best self. Anything can be achieved with the proper dosage of organization and powerful questioning; all you need is desire and determination.

You can find out more about what I do by checking out my website: www.IntrospectiveInteractions.com

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