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Be Kind to Yourself

You ask others all the time how they’re doing but how often do you ask yourself? After my last post, I thought it would be a good follow up to remind you to check in with yourself the same way you would with others. We have various emotional stages throughout the day, but how often do we really consider them? How often do you take the time to examine what you’re feeling and identify the triggers you face throughout the day that affect you negatively?


This is a kindness we avoid lending ourselves. I think we tend to be harder on ourselves than we would others and this begins with our inner dialogue. When we feel upset, we don’t give ourselves the space to acknowledge the feeling but rather try to brush it off or force it down. I touched on this in my last post but I want to examine the idea of self kindness a bit more. Because we measure the validity of our feelings based upon the reaction of others, we sometimes forget that everything we feel is valid because it exists. Whether or not we want to give these feelings our time is a consideration, but to turn a blind eye to the emotional self, is to ignore a part of our identity. Our emotions are just as much a part of us as any other characteristic, so why do we judge them so harshly or avoid them altogether?

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 12.10.20 PM.png

Sure, bad feelings feel bad. I get that. In the moment, it seems so much easier to just avoid a negative feeling so that you can continue about your day but then what do you do with them? If you continue to throw garbage in your flower bed, it will contaminate the flowers. Then, you are left with wilting buds and stinky soil. Eventually, these disregarded feelings will creep up and they will have had time to turn that much more rotten.

Today, I want you to allow yourself space to be present with your emotions. Consider what is happening as it comes up. If you don’t have the space to work through them in the moment, commit to a time later in the day to acknowledge what was going on. Above all else, be patient and kind to yourself.

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