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The Monster Within

The Monster Within Video Introduction

I don’t make a habit of being vulnerable with others, especially in a public forum but as I sat down to write about today’s topic, I realized that I hadn’t quite processed what is was that I wanted to accomplish. Usually, by the time I decide to write about a particular topic, I’ve taken the time to really process what message I want to convey and actualize my intention; but this day was different. I was struggling with my internal monster so intensely that I couldn’t get my thoughts straight enough for any light to come through. What poured out of me, was vulnerable, painful, truth.

So, instead of doing what I usually do and just share the results of my struggle, I decided to bare the painful truth of the space I was in. It is important for me to affirm within myself that vulnerability is not always weakness. It is ok to meet myself where I am and allow my current state to ‘be’.

The Monster Within
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Ideally, we will all be able to obtain the tools to strike down the monster before it takes over but we must first begin acknowledging our current state. From there, don’t try to push away your feelings; they are valid and permissible. The greatest take-away here, is to be kind to yourself. Even on your worst days, when your self-worth is near empty and your vices take over, give yourself permission to just ‘be’. If you are having a rough day, try letting those around you know. It is when we hide from what is inside, that we tend to lash out or act in unpredictable ways. Give your loved ones the opportunity to meet you where you are to avoid any miscommunication.

I’ve come a long way from letting the monster control me. It is rare that I allow myself to get to this state anymore. The road is long and wavering and I’ve had to learn a lot of tools to get to where I am. Most importantly, I had to learn a lot about myself to have the ability to alter the unhealthy habits that allow the monster in.

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